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Lightforge Games is a new studio bringing the roleplaying back into RPGs.

We're looking for people of all levels, backgrounds, voices, identities, and perspectives to join us on our journey. We strongly believe the key to making a better game, better company, and better industry begins with a diverse set of voices.

We value transparency, empathy, and personal growth, and we believe that making games is both an art and a science.

As a fully remote company, we're open to teammates living nearly anywhere. We practice nonlinear workdays, allowing everyone to determine how and when they work best. We also follow an open salary policy where all pay details are shared with everyone. This holds us accountable to fair pay.

Lightforge Games is very much a work-in-progress, and you can help shape who we are. Come join us to build something special!

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Lightforge Games is looking for a UX Designer!

We're looking for a UX Designer to uphold our team’s high UX standards. We're seeking experienced candidates who have worked as a UX Designer on shipped or live-service games.

Our game has particularly unique UX challenges, and we’re a team who understands and respects UX as a discipline. In this role, you’ll work directly on the game design team with a group of people who have worked on UI/UX for some of the world’s largest games.

Your daily responsibilities include building and communicating UX designs via wireframes and documentation, working very closely with other departments to ensure game systems are built in such a way that meet game and clarity goals, and gathering and analyzing player feedback.

By joining us at this early stage, you’ll be our team’s first UX Designer and will play a huge role in guiding the direction of our project and team. We’re looking for someone who loves UX and UI development and is excited to take on new challenges while growing with us.


  • Build and communicate UX designs of in-progress game features via wireframes and documentation
  • Ensure game systems are designed and developed in such a way that they can be clearly understood by players while meeting game and product design goals
  • Review built features and provide feedback to implementers to ensure UX design goals are met
  • Gather and analyze feedback from internal or external playtesters
  • Present UX designs, formally or informally, to stakeholders and implementers
  • Develop and iterate on our UX feedback process
  • Embrace and uphold our Core Values
  • Contribute your story to Lightforge's direction
  • Listen to and empower the stories of others


  • Ability to synthesize designs from a loose set of requirements
  • Experience working on a game development team in a UX design capacity
  • Ability to create interactive wireframes using industry-standard software
  • Experience developing for or playing RPGs, either digital or tabletop (homebrew counts!)
  • Self-motivated and proactive, with the ability to fully embrace a remote work culture
  • A collaborative mindset that considers diverse perspectives


  • Experience with progression, social, or monetization design
  • Familiarity with UE4’s UMG
  • Experience designing for a cross-platform game
  • Passion for tabletop RPGs

If this sounds like a job you might be suited for, but maybe you think you're not quite ready, we’d love to hear from you anyway! You never know what's around the corner...

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