Matt Schembari Sits Down with Series G

May 13, 2021

Why a deep understanding of player empathy is core to modern game design

Recently Matt Schembari sat down with Mustafa Kamal on the Series G podcast to discuss the history of virtual worlds, social constructs in games, and empathy-driven design.

One of our core values at Lightforge is Embrace Empathy. While this does, of course, impact how we approach our interpersonal relationships, it's also critical in game design.

What does the player want? What are their motivations? What are they feeling during an encounter? Why did they take a particular action?

Empathy-driven design means putting the player first and thinking about everything through their perspective. This can help make more engaging games that keep players delighted.

Hear Matt and Mustafa discuss this and more on the Series G podcast!

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