The future of Project ORCS

May 8, 2024

Lightforge Community,

Beginning today, LFG is downsizing to a skeleton crew at the end of the month – a tough message for us to deliver. This means we are pausing the development of Project O.R.C.S. The remaining staff will regroup to determine what a viable path may be for the project and studio.

After a lengthy period of regularly meeting with potential investors and game publishers we were unable to secure the necessary funding to finish creating Project O.R.C.S.

We’re making this call now so that we can provide support to our wonderful team of devs: providing them with time to stabilize, working together to help folks as they re-enter the job market, and finding new positions to continue our passion for making games.

We’re so thankful for all of the support we’ve received along the way from the Project O.R.C.S. community—it brought us great joy to share our big idea with the world. Hopefully it will inspire players, devs, and fans in the RPG/TTRPG space to explore similar ways to more widely share everything we all love about collaborative storytelling.

Over the next week we will be sunsetting our social channels and Discord server. Please stop by to say hi and share with us what Project O.R.C.S. meant to you.

Forever telling stories together,

Lightforge Games